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02 Nov '12

Turnagain Tips & Cast On

I put my latest Turnagain on the needles yesterday, and since I took the time to figure out exactly what part of a crocheted cast-on to pick up for easier unraveling at the end I thought I'd share a few photos of picking up: Using an appropriately sized crochet hook (G, I think) and some smooth cotton yarn (Tahki Cotton Classic leftovers, in this case) I chained one more than necessary, then broke the yarn and closed the last loop. I found it easier to use this provisional cast-on because it is easily removed, easier to count stitches, and far easier to start with a short tail and keep chaining than long-tail cast on 200+ stitches with the hopes that my tail was long enough. Picking up the bump on the back of the chain. I did several small swatches to figure out exactly what part to pick up since I didn't remember how to do this properly for my first knit sample and wound up having to unweave all the provisional stitches. Here are the bumps up close. I picked up with the right leg of the bump at the front of the needle, but even if you pick up with the left leg at the front, you can still knit into the leg of the stitch closest to your right needle. Here's today's progress: I love to see the way the colors start to come together in these first 20-ish rounds. I can do all the theoretical color combinations in my head, but it just doesn't compare to actually getting the yarn on the needles. Curly little booger, though: It needs holding down to be able to see those first few rows. Don't forget to share you cast on photos either here in the comments, or on the Ravelry thread. Only those who have cast on and finished object photos in the appropriate time frame will be eligible for the prize! I'll be announcing the details of the prize near the end of November, or in early December.

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