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31 Oct '12

Ready To Cast On?

I've chosen my colors for my "official" (not testing) version of Turnagain for the knit-along: My main color will be Beach Glass (color C), my 3/4 skein is Butterbeer (color D), and my four highlights (A & F 1/2 skeins, B & E 1/4 skeins) are Saltwater, Little Mouse, Saffron and Marcia. I originally wanted a dark blue-green for my main color, but the yarn hasn't dried in time so I'm going with what's on hand. This time instead of Pebble Sock, I'm using Merilon because I want to see how the texture and drape turns out with a nylon-supplemented 4-ply yarn. Can't wait to see how those kits I sent out knit up! Be sure to post a picture of your cast on here! There are also still kits available, with and without patterns.

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