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02 Oct '12

Testing Turnagain

This many colors can't be a bad thing: Color A: Dahlia (1/2 skein) Color B: Silverlight (1/4) skein) Color C: Toad Lily (Full skein) Color D: Amethyst (3/4 skein) Color E: Nautilus (1/4 skein) Color F: Ceilo (1/2 skein) Turnagain is going really well, in fact I think I'm 1/3 finished with the knitting part, but I'm only surprised because I had a slightly rough start. I cast on with the wrong needle size and length, then found after 10 rows of knitting that I'd also twisted my work. I ripped back, restarted with a crocheted provisional cast on on the right size needle, and things have gone quickly every since. I'm glad to be knitting through the pattern before putting kits together as I'm having all kinds of inspiration for how to make the kits more visually appealing. I have some wilder ideas as well as some pretty normal ones, but here's what I think really works so far: Neutrals Color A: Little Mouse Color B: Earth Color C: Natural Color D: Antique Color E: Inkwell Color F: Willow Autumnal Color A: Butterbeer Color B: Nutmeg Color C: Earth Color D: September Color E: Warm Glow Color F: Olive Wild Thing Color A: Pretty In Color B: Natural Color C: Inkwell Color D: Green Apple Color E: Good Egg Color F: Robin's Egg Plum Purple Color A: Sonata Color B: Aquifer Color C: Black Jewel Color D: Margeaux Color E: Luminence Color F: Zinfandel Jewel Tones Color A: Dragon Color B: Charcoal Color C: Merlot Color D: Ultramarine Color E: Little Mouse Color F: Indigo Most of these colors can be found here on my website's list of colors, but also on my Pinterest page if you want to see them organized by color.

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