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26 Sep '12

Turnagain Colors and Holden

I chose my colors yesterday for testing Turnagain, here's my daylight photo: Nautilus & Silverlight will be my highlight colors, so I won't need very much of them, but I can't quite decide where the other four should go. I'd like the two light purples (Amethyst & Dahlia) to be the main bulk of the pattern and blue (Ceilo) and red (Toad Lily) to be secondary. Of course, once I give the pattern a good read-through that may all change. Holden has blocked out enormous, though of course I altered it to use a full skein of each of two colors I selected. I did the stockinette portion in Sprig, and then switched to Wash for the lace section. The pattern is clearly written with great stitch counts so it was easy to extrapolate how many stitches I'd need to increase the stockinette portion. I am pleasantly surprised how the lace section turned out as it seemed a little counter-intuitive at first.  Also? Though they look great, Picot bind-offs are tediously time-consuming.  This one requires two stitches cast on for every four bound off, so I'm thinking next time I encounter this design feature I might reduce the ratio to 1:4 just to save my sanity. If you happen to be out in Hillsboro or Beaverton this weekend (or on your way to the Oregon Coast) please stop by and see my trunk show at the newly opened Black Sheep Orenco. The store is super cute and in the bottom apartment of those smartly-built townhomes within walking distance of absolutely everything. Tina, the owner, has been a joy to work with and we're really looking forward to sharing a new, limited edition Merino, Silk and Nylon sock yarn with you! I'm knitting Ishbel in Claret for a sample and it is practically gleaming with the 30% silk content.

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