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21 Aug '12

Merilon Sock Changes

For someone who has started small - I can remember when buying twenty skeins of yarn to dye seemed like a lot - having a mill quantity's worth of Merilon Sock on hand is pretty impressive (and daunting). Sitting in the studio right now is the first of what I expect to be a fun expansion of the yarn lines I dye. First, of course, I stocked my longest-selling and most popular superwash Merino & nylon sock yarn. There are a couple changes to the yarn I need to share with you. First, after extensive testing I've found the new Merilon Sock to be 425 yards per 100 grams instead of the previous 437 yards per 100 grams. I think this is due the the slightly tighter twist, and the harder twist was intentional so I'm pretty pleased at the finished texture and spring of the new yarn. I will be changing the labels to reflect the difference in yardage (its more like 430, but who wants to be wrong about this sort of thing?) and changing the deets in the Ravelry database. I have about 40 skeins of the old stuff on hand that I'll get to dyeing up soon (hopefully) but I plan to list skeins from the new batch simultaneously. The second change I want to tell you about is reskeining. When a very sweet customer asked me three and a half years ago if there "was a trick to winding the yarn into a ball" I realized I had to start reskeining as a matter of course because my dyeing style was just too messy and I didn't want to be the yarn everyone knew was a tangled mess. Since then, I've increased the number of skeins per dyelot from one to as many as 10, which means my dyeing style has also changed. With the new batch of Merilon being tied to so nicely and wound into 66 inch skeins, I feel confident that tangles are as much a thing of the past as possible. Therefore, I'm going to start dispensing with reskeining of many of my colorways beginning with the near-solids. This means you'll be better able to see where the colors fall when you buy your yarn, and I'll be able to make custom orders happen a lot faster. Of course, there will be the occasional noodle that needs re-tending, but that's just part of dyeing territory. I'm off to work on a few more Special Handpaints, but I wanted to tickle your ear with a coming sale...stay tuned next week for more information!

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