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09 Aug '12

Pebble Sock - The Old & The New

It has been an interesting month of transitions and turmoil, but now that I'm finally getting settled I need to talk to you about Pebble Sock. Ordering 100% Merino Sock yarn with a medium twist is a pretty easy thing - nearly everything being sold on the market comes from the same two mills in Peru and there is very little variation in yardage and put up. I started getting Pebble Sock from one supplier back East in 2009, but then switched about two years ago when I found a wholesale source here in Portland. I'm happy to say that I've reached the point (and I should have done this ages ago, I know) where I'm ordering directly from the mill rather than using wholesale suppliers, and Pebble Sock is the next thing coming. This is going to allow me several things that I've been wanting to do for at least the last two years: 1. The price of Pebble Sock on my Etsy shop is going down, from $24 a skein to $22.50. 2. Increase the 100g yardage from 380 to 400, though the labels probably won't change. 3. Have the mill put up in 66 inch skeins, to make hand-painting easier and possibly eliminate about half the reskeining I do after dyeing. This transition couldn't come at a better time, because during our move I discovered the most recent batch of Pebble Sock from my Portland supplier is running about 15 yards short per 100g skein. Each skein is still 100g, but the yarn itself is a tiny bit thicker. My own personal disclaimer is that this yarn came to me this way (in skeins) and I would never have wound yarn off of cones shorter than what a ball band says. If you are reading this post and thinking, "Hey, I have some Pebble Sock already!" please be aware that previous batches are not short in this manner. Most of the yarn from the short batch was listed and sold in my moving sale, and will be specially marked on my Etsy site now that I'm aware of the problem. However, I am emailing previous customers in the next couple days with a coupon code for their next purchase so if you bought some of the yarn and don't get the email, drop me a line at blacktrillium [at] popculturezoo [dot] com and I'll forward the coupon code along. So, old yarn is priced to move, shiny new yarn will be coming in mid- to late September. In the meantime, happy knitting, crocheting, spinning, weaving, felting, or whatever woolie craft warms your heart.

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