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01 Jun '12

Looking Up!

Last week, when my husband told me the team lead in his company's Portland office had given his notice, we jokingly talked about putting in his name for the position. Working a contract for someone means you're there, but you're not really "there". But what can it hurt to ask? In fact, things went way better than expected and now we get to plan a move back to the city we love and want to call home! I won't bore you with planning details (at least, not in this post) but certain things need updating: 1. The job posting for Production Assistant has been temporarily put on hold and may be reposted once we're settled. 2. Everything (nearly) in the Etsy shop has been marked down to help it move on to new homes in quick and orderly fashion. 3. The shop will be closed from July to early August. If I can keep it open longer and open back up earlier, I will. Yay for us, and Beaverton, here we come!



Posted by TheBon on August 17, 2014

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