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02 Apr '12

Monday Update: Fat Quarters

Making up kits of mini skeins isn't something I relish, though when all those cute little 10g bobs are finished they're pretty cute & colorful. My middle ground is "fat quarter" sets, or a four color selection of 25g skeins. Probably not the proper technical use of the term "fat quarter", but I like its catchiness. After last week's winding adventure, in which we created a whole mountain of 25g skeins for the sole purpose of putting together a collection of colors for my new Spring/Summer 2012 booklet, there were a ton of fat quarter kits to be made. We laid the whole thing out on the floor and tried to pick things that went well together and/or contrasted nicely. 21 kits went up today, lettered "A" through "U". You can see a gallery of kits here: [nggallery id="9"] I've been working on a two-color shawl idea using yarns from this post: The shape isn't exactly what I'd hoped at the end of the first part, but I think the changes I need to make to continue might be better than my original plan. Instead of knitting on the shawl, I spent time spinning this weekend: The roving was Woolgatherings' Superwash Merino that I obtained at Sock Summit 2011. I love how buttery superwash merino is, and I wish Kate did more in her fantastic colors. I plied the singles last night and today the yarn will get a nice bath and be ready to show off later in the week. I think today I'm going to get out another of Kate's fab rovings and tear it all to bits. When I reached the end of the blue-green-purple, I realized I spin more consistently with the fiber really spread out and loose. Hey, I'm still a serious noobie when it comes to spinning. So, how was your weekend?

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