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30 Mar '12

Color Studies: Perse, Heliotrope, Blue Suede Shoes

I am definitely a blue-purple girl, as mentioned, and ultimately a purple-happy nut. I buy far more Purple and Black acid dyes than any of the others. Comparing some of my established colors seems like a good move to give folks a sense of how one color relates to or is different from other similar colors. From left to right, Blue Suede Shoes (new Spring 2012), Heliotrope, and Perse: These blues* were getting wound at the same time as the Pea Green Color Studies, and we couldn't help but notice that certain greens popped with certain blues: While Perse and the first green experiment are my personal favorites (the skeins on the above left), Blue Suede Shoes is pretty spectacular with the olive-y second experiment. I couldn't help but appropriate the second combo for a personal shawl experiment! * Technically, I think of Heliotrope and Perse as purples. Not that a camera will let me get good shots of purple unless they're very red. Sorry for the poor photography.


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