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27 Mar '12

Diamond Swatch

Remember this lovely swatch? It got me thinking about patterned socks, and so I hunted through stash to find two very outrageous colors to go together. I tried as hard as I could to pick some STR light, but my penchant for Tina's multicolors has rendered that part of my stash difficult to combine. All the colors that looked good together contained at least one skein I didn't want to use yet. They aren't aged enough, like cheese or wine needs to be. Vintage 2011 or 12 is too early! If a yarn has been lingering since 2005, then definitely use that baby up, but don't expect me to relinquish my 2012 Rockin' Sock Club colors until at least 2020. Enter the Wollmeisenhandgefarbt*. Claudia's colors are stunning in large part because the dye powder - super concentrated stuff - goes directly onto the yarn without becoming an aqueous solution first. The yarn isn't too shabby either, but the colors are wicked intense. I sifted through ideas and came up with Lowenzahn (which means dandelion, and so is very bright green with lemony yellow underlayering) & True Love (deep fuchsia and purple). I'm very happy with them together. I started in on a knee-high sock to utilize some of that insane yardage you get from a 150g skein, but darned if the cuff didn't make me feel like a knitting beginner. How boring is a garter ridge cuff? I'm still convinced I can find a better idea for a cuff, although my second attempt was just as uncreatively irritating. A large portion of my issue is that both cuffs "poof out" from the color work. Yes that may block out. It will still bother me until I'm finished & I just can't hack that. Now I'm stuck with a colorwork motif I really like and no cuff. I think I won't do knee-highs so as to not have to deal with patterning the increases and decreases. My heel pattern awaits and I think can even swing the gusset and foot portions. Please, help me sort out this first section so I can get it over with! *My horrid attempt at German for Wollmeise's hand-dyed.


I came across an interesting bag top, in “Ditty Bags” by Maia Discoe, over on Ravelry. The pattern is free. She does a picot-edged top to the bags, with the actual cast-on edge being joined (from the back) to the on-the-needle stitches a few rows below the picot row. I’m probably making a hash of trying to explain it… but I’ve wanted to try this as a sock cuff ever since I saw it — only in ribbing and no picot for a pair of men’s socks. :)

Your diamond pattern might work well with the “jester” cuff, Socks A La Carte, page 24. It’s a sort of pointed, like chevrons…

Good luck! Those rich colors make me wish for a room full of that yarn to just dive into! grin


Posted by Anne Kaelber on August 17, 2014

Corrugated ribbing? Scalloped edge?

Posted by Rebekah Baquiran on August 17, 2014

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