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23 Mar '12

Swatches & Merino Sport

Last week, I delivered 100+ skeins of Merino Sport Sock to Serial Knitters in Kirkland. I'm really happy with the color selection we picked: When you consider it has been in the neighborhood of 3 years since I last dyed this yarn, I'm very pleased with its consistency from the supplier. 300 yards per 100 grams isn't too shabby for sport weight, either. This batch ran more to 315 yards per skein, but who's counting. I also did some swatching with Madtosh Merino DK that I bought at the aforementioned store: This k1 MC, k1 cc is something I borrowed from Star's Laurelhurst heel because I just love the texture so much. In highly contrasting colors like Parchment & Flashdance especially. I finally had to teach myself intarsia. I've avoided patterns that include this technique for far too long. I'm pleased with the asymmetrical squares, and it turns out intarsia on a small scale isn't so bad! Learned something new, staved off senility for one more day. This is by far my favorite swatch, a diamond pattern that only requires holding two yarns at the same time for 60% of the rows: And the obligatory garter ridges, which I like the back side of better than the front: Now if only I could figure out a streamlined way to get pictures to sit beside each other in posts. Today, I'm going to take pictures for some listings that I'll put up next week, including half a dozen new colors. My helper came by yesterday and wound up all the stuff I haven't had time for while I've been digging my way out from underneath 88 pounds of merino singles. Have a lovely Friday & weekend!

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