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05 Mar '12

New Logo-ness

Posted by 69943844 in Black Trillium, News
When I started yarn dyeing, one of the first things I did was have a logo designed. It made the "starting a business" thing seem more real, even though I was dyeing a few skeins at a time in my kitchen. This is what I got: Or rather, this is what I got after I had another designer put the original file on a not-off-white background. Another piece of the learning curve on becoming a business owner was the etiquette of how to work with other professionals to obtain their services appropriately and fairly. I will not regale you with details of the things I learned I did not do. My skein tags were born of the same design project, giving me this fitted to an 8.5" x 11" sheet: It was easily formatted, but over time I've gotten comments back from stores that the tags hanging from the skeins were less than optimal. My process was a bit time-consuming, from printing the tag backs, writing in color names, cutting the tags, punching holes, then tying them onto the skein. And what if I only needed one tag? The whole process for one skein. Sock Summit 2011 was the clincher that I'd have to have new tags. While Carrie was hanging her fabulous hand-dyed skeins with her lovely tags facing forward and not getting in the way at all, I was trying to maneuver my tags around the pegs and prevent them from catching and snagging the skeins. I was so over it. But I am not, not, not a graphic designer. I may know a thing or two around Photoshop, but only what I've learned the hard way. After several (laugh-out-loud) sad experiments, I bagged it and petitioned my friend Bonnie to rescue me. I love what she came up with: There's a third design & font, and all three come in gray, purples, and my favorite set of contrast colors (turquoise, brown, cherry red), so in all I have nine different options that I can use. Being a lover of change (the greek symbol Delta is used to show it in Chemistry and mathematics), having nine different graphics options means I can have variety across my blog, Etsy site, Ravelry, my tags, adverts on Knitty & others, and whatever else I can think to slap my logo on. The new tags are getting deployed on a few things this week, and any other new item going forward. Meanwhile, I'm working on some header graphics for Etsy & the blog. I'd throw out the under-construction sign, but of course then I'd fail to meet my own deadline. It'll show when it shows, right? Thanks so much to Bonnie for taking the time to work with me on this - I'm really pleased with how things turned out!!!!

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