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02 Mar '12


Posted by 69943844 in Black Trillium, Etsy
The sky keeps spitting snow at us every six hours or so for the last five days. It feels like its just our street, too, because a hundred feet down (which is basically down the street) there's only rain. Two hundred feet up the mountain, where there is one lonely-looking house up a dirt road, the snow has stayed. The weather's schizophrenia isn't at all amusing when you can still see all the broken trees (well, trunks) and nobody has managed to get rid of their huge piles of storm debris. I shouldn't complain too much, though, because my hydrangea has new leaves and the hellebore, daffodils and crocus are all coming up. Flurried (is that a word?) activity is a pretty good description of my work status the last two days as well. I've been to the printer twice to pick up tags and return bad ones. Third time's the charm, so hopefully tomorrow's batch is better. A little dyeing here, a little winding there, and viola! we have Bison Sock: These two beauts are going to see another knitter so she can transform them into a fantastic bi-color shawl that I've been working toward publishing for a while. The first shawl was done in Mad-tosh Light, but I'd rather put the pattern out there in my own yarns. The Lilt version is all done up in Sivia & Saltwater colorways, so now it's time to test up the new sock yarn! Here's how my Bison Sock tester is going (in Heliotrope): If you need to get yourself some Bison Sock, see this section of my shop. I put it there for obvious reasons related to the bison down content. If you're interested in knowing more about the source of the bison, see here or buy yourself some 100% here. Spring being here and all, I was thinking a few new colors would be a good plan. These two were inspired by a recent visit to the Seattle Aquarium: After some internet searching, it seems Rockfish are a very common species in many colors. The ones we saw were older and had some really amazing blue-green-gray over a lovely pumpkiny-gold and salmon colors. I didn't get as much clarity in the layers as I would have liked, though I love them just as themselves. They're listed here and here in Lilt Sock. I know it's a ways off, but here's a preview of what Debie (of Serial Knitters) & I have collaborated on for the Serial Knitters contribution to the Seattle LYS Tour's prize baskets (click on them to see them up close): I may have to make it around to some stores so I can try and win a skein of this super soft, and, dare I say it...yummy?...yarn. Seattle and the surrounding area are rife with yarn stores, so if you get up here for the tour you'll have to keep your eye out for my yarns at one of the stores I sell to: Serial Knitters in Kirkland, Fiber Gallery in Greenwood, and Bad Woman Yarns in Wallingford. Sadly, Cultured Purls here in Issaquah has gone out of business since I started working with them, though they're still on the tour's map. Don't worry, I'll send up reminders when we get closer to the tour weekend. That's all for now, folkes. We're going out tonight to celebrate Joe being back at work, and then I'm working at the out-of-the-house job all weekend. I'll get back to blogging, winding & dyeing next Monday, I'm sure.

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