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29 Feb '12

Notes From a Long Day

  • Finished winding a sizable order that goes out Friday...
just in time to discover that I only had thirty blank tags left. Thank goodness my graphic designer goddess finished a little redesign for me yesterday, because then I had to:
  • Work out the tags utilizing the new logo design.
  • Send new tags off to be printed and cut.
This morning included racing to get packages ready to out the door because I had to have things all rearranged to wind yarn because:
  • I started training my first real employee today - to wind yarn.
She happens to be made of awesomesauce.  She knits (which I didn't know until today), she's great with and likes kids (which is why the idea occurred to me to ask if she'd like a job in the first place) and she's cool with starting with very few hours a week.  The only drawback?  She's going to college in the fall, possibly out-of-state.
  • We managed to wind all 103 skeins of Merino Sport Sock, most of which is slated to go to a local store next-weekish.
I think that's enough for one day, as it also included getting the eldest on the bus, keeping youngest from doing something fatal or destructive every other minute, getting eldest through homework (this is not yet a self-motivated activity, le sigh) and generally feeding, clothing, and caring for two young boys.  Tonight, I'm going to knit some more on my test sock with Bison Sock yarn, eat sweet potato tots with ranch dressing and watch some of Downton Abbey, Season 2. It's been a good day.  

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