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26 Feb '12


Here's the last of the 2-Ply Club! I was supposed to have sent this little number around January 15th, but with the kids being sick, the ice storm making us powerless for a week and working out of the house 40 hours a week, my poor clubbers didn't get shipping notifications until Valentines Day. I was so excited to start a club of my own (everyone is doing it, right?). However, I realize now it was just one thing too many on my plate. I'm good (no, great, IMO) at dyeing lots of yarn. I like the occasional fiber dye session, but I think I'll leave the clubs to the big guns. Kate, are your ears burning? Hey, by the way, one more day to leave a comment on the Back To Dye post to enter to win a Bison/SW Merino skein of sock yarn! I'll post a winner tomorrow, and hopefully a picture of the new yarn.

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