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24 Feb '12


Some of my favorite people espouse coffee as the way to be caffeinated, and though I'm no stranger to the Soy Peppermint Mocha, I'd rather have a cup of tea to wake up with. British style, loose leaf and quite strong, if you please. For the record, there's no way to make a proper cuppa with a tea bag. Not. Possible. Eight reasons why I love tea: 1. Good for a bit of pep (black, or English Breakfast). 2. Good for a warm-up before bed (peppermint licorice). 3. Smells utterly fantastic, unlike coffee (Jasmine Green). 4. Total fits my sci-fi & Brit-com tv addiction ("Tea, Early Grey, Hot"). 5. Makes an awesome cold drink (sweet tea). 6. Can be made at home w/low tech equipment and a few good ingredients (Chai). 7. Can be fancy (high tea). 8. There are all manner of wacky varieties, if you're so inclined (oolong, rooibos, Mate) If you've been waiting patiently for a custom order, today is your day! I have everything ready to go and will be doing listings & notifications as I can this morning. I especially like the way this 16 ounce order of Merino Roving in "Sivia" turned out:

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