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23 Feb '12

The Day To Day: Photos

I am no photographic genius, not by a really long shot. As with nearly everything else I do for my dyeing business, I'm self-taught. As matters of dyeing go, chemistry rules the process in dye application - and I have chemistry down pretty well. But when marketing is concerned (and pictures are really all about marketing) I doubt my own meager skills completely. I can get a color pretty well these days, except maybe in reds and definitely in turquoise, but what about layout? Depth? Lighting? Maybe I need to take a class. One of my Christmas pressies this year was my hubby being really smart on my behalf: This portable little baby folds up flat and sits under my work table, so I have to document my placement a little for future shoots. Yesterday was a pretty good time, though, and I made lots of photos I feel like I can actually use. For the first time since I bought my new camera last fall, I'm getting good focus and usable formatting. And I didn't have to stand in the rain to do it. (Don't ask)

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