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22 Feb '12

Back to the Dye

You can just tell that nobody bothers to keep these two combed, eh? My shifty ways with the blog notwithstanding, this post is completely worth reading all the way to the end. It might just include a skein of yarn for one lucky knitter! I'm back at home with the kiddos, my husband having started a new job for the first time in nearly two years. (I'm going on record again - it was lovely to have him home while Gavin was so small, and please don't mistake my delivery as meaning my husband didn't do anything while not working out of the house. Pop Culture Zoo is a testament to that.) I kept my out-of-the-house job as well, but changed to only working nights and weekends. Right now, I'm looking out my front window while writing, and the sun has come out to light up all the soaking wet trees. That's pretty much how I feel about this change-up. As proof of my energetic rebound, I've dyed about 15 kilos of wool in the last 2 days. For instance, if you shop at Serial Knitters in Kirkland, WA, you will be looking at a whole load of new Superwash Bulky, Merilon & Infinity yarns in about a week's time. Also, if you have a special order and you're waiting for it to be listed on Etsy, you will only need wait about three more days while the yarn dries and processed into neatness. My sense of relief over being able to get back to the dyepots has been fueled by the validation I keep getting from people around me. It's nice to have mentors and friends back me up in my hunch that I'll do far better supporting my family if I follow my creative inclinations. Explaining to family and non-knitters what I do is usually met with skepticism, and in hard times I find it difficult not to take that doubt to heart. Being told to get out of the business of failing is pretty harsh, and so thank you very much to friends and such that have been supportive instead of critical. Well, and since it's spring let us have some new yarns.... I've said "coming soon" a lot over the last three and a half years about lots of things: patterns, new yarns, restocks, etc. Being a dyer and an all-round creative business-person means lots of little balls in the air, and I've learned my lesson (mostly) about letting cats out of bags before project details have been decided on. This one I can say for sure, though: a new yarn is coming to my Etsy site. It's another sock yarn and has very special content: bison down produced and processed right here in the US! Exact deets will be forthcoming, but right now I'm compiling a list of what colors to dye so if you have requests, drop a line in the comments. One lucky commenter will win a skein of this lovely new yarn!


I don’t need the yarn. I just wanted to say that I am SO HAPPY you are ignoring the doubters and negative people, and moving toward something that makes you happy. I need to do that myself, but I am partially there. :) You have a wonderful talent, and I know you will do really well in any endeavor that you put your heart into. Good luck and blessings for the future!

Posted by Sara on August 17, 2014

Yarn? Hand-dyed yarn? GORGEOUS hand-dyed yarn? GORGEOUS hand-dyed yarn from YOU? Count me IN! <3

Posted by Erica on August 17, 2014

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