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05 Feb '12

Clearing Out

We're having a bit of early spring weather (60 degrees! sun!) and after a week without power and snow and ice everywhere a bit of fake spring is very, very welcome. The camellias and rhodies will be popping out any week now. No color addict can fail to be excited about new spring colors. With all the commotion around the storm, I managed to fall way behind on dyeing. I have an exciting exclusive project in the very finishing stages (we're waiting on tags only, le sigh). The very last installment of the 2-ply club has yet to go out, and considering how hard it was to fit this little project in with all the big ones I think I may not do an encore. After that, more big orders and planning for Seattle's LYS tour. I'm still trying to figure out when I'm going to fit dyeing for Etsy into the mix! Needless to say, having two little boys means being spread very thin. We had a dozen seven-year-olds over for a party last weekend. This weekend has been all about the stomach flu. The laundry has been an unbelievable pile since the power went out and the generator quit, but I do believe I'm down to three loads left. I'm afraid to do the math, but I think I may have enough jobs for about three people! This morning, I did a little personal knitting therapy. I don't get much time to knit anymore, but uncovering and organizing enlightened me as to how many things I've neglected. I've been hunting for a skein of Noro Kureyon and had given it up as lost until I found it (all used up) in a project bag. When did I knit that to-be-felted bowl???! The second sock of an already-published pattern needs a heel, gusset and foot. A sweater needs some sleeves and buttons. Another is still only a front and may stay that way permanently before being frogged. I have no less than six FO's that need ends woven. Add those to the pile that needs blocking, and it makes the laundry backlog look positively miniscule. But at least now I know where everything is. Time for work...the one where I get paid and health benefits.

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