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25 Jan '12

The Storm

Posted by 69943844 in ice storm, Life, washington
I'm not sure if we made national news, but here's a small sample of what the last week has been like: Falling Tree Fatality Ice Storm 2012 The first one is a bit morbid, sorry. Unfortunately, it was that kind of week. Many things were lost and digging back out of mess is going to be interesting. Here at my house, we lost power a week ago but had the generator for several days. The ice build-up killed over a dozen trees, but none landed on our house. The generator quit on Saturday but I was able to do lots of dyeing during the first half of the storm and made it back to work by Sunday. The only thing I haven't been able to address were email messages because the secondary internet cable running from the road to our house was on the ground. Now I'm back. I have a dozen seven year olds coming to my house for a party this weekend, and my state taxes are due next week, so things are not going to be less crazy any time soon. But at least we're in one piece and wiser for the adventure.

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