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26 Nov '11

Thanks Given.

We had a bit of jello fun for my elder son's Thanksgiving school feast. That lovely pic is 1 layer of dark cherry, 1 layer of blue raspberry, and 1 layer of raspberry. If you reduce the boiling water and ice by half on the larger box, each layer sets up nice and fast and you can pour one on top of another within a fairly short time. My personal favorite bit is where the bright blue mixes with the dark cherry and makes an almost iridescent purple. I have a new color going on the Spring 2012 color card called "Sonata" that is based on the same type of blue/dark red mix. I've abandoned the Mulberry sweater for the moment to knit myself another scarf. The new job has required a bit of rethinking in terms of wardrobe and handknits, which gives me the excuse to knit myself a few more things. I stand right near the exit quite a lot and the cold gusts up the neck are getting a bit old. I pulled out a shawl I was testing that didn't make muster and pulled it apart to reuse the yarn - 1 skein of Noro Taiyo Sock and 1 skein of Wollmeise 80/20 Twin in Peterselie. I love the stripes and have at least one more idea for a Kureyon Sock and Cascade Heritage Quatro gray/brown/black combo that should make a lovely gift for my mum. As you can see, I'm carrying the not-in-use color along the side in a rather slap-dash fashion. I suppose I could do a little twisting to make the carries disappear, but I feel so utilitarian about this knit that I chose quick knitting over finishing details. If anyone has suggestions on how to do a better job for the next project, feel free to comment or leave links. Son the elder brought us a little Thanksgiving table centerpiece from school at the end of term. I love elementary school art projects!!!! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday here in the US, and that our non-US friends weren't too annoyed with the holiday delays. Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of Black Trillium Fibre Studio this year! I'm really looking forward to the new things year four is going to bring. Take care and happy knitting!

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