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14 Nov '11

Small Steps

Posted by 69943844 in Black Trillium, Etsy, Life, Sale, Yarn
With a nearly-full-time job out of the house as well as fulfillment for the yarn business to keep up on, my knitting time has screeched to a total halt. This time of year three years ago, I would have had several holiday gift projects on the needles as well as several pair of socks awaiting pairhood and possibly a sweater and/or blanket on slow progress. Right now, I have one sock-weight sweater in actual knitting mode and a single sock awaiting its mate. I can't believe it, but I really can't squeeze in more stitches either. I put a little work into my sweater tonight, adding several inches to the applied I-cord border that I chose to do while putting off the sleeves. The nearly-full-time job is nothing spectacular, just a grocery cooperative that I've worked at before so it was easy to go back because I knew what I was signing up for. I'm grateful to be union, with a decent contract and benefits, but I really hate leaving my children. Especially my younger son, who practically throws himself at me every time I walk back in the door after a shift. I think he's too young for me to be gone like this, but I have to find a way to feed him and his brother, so there it is. Tonight I added Bulky Superwash to the Ravelry database. I've been calling it Bulky Superwash and Superwash Bulky interchangeably because both ways are extremely forgettable and I need to find a better-fitting name. The yarn is currently available on my website as well as at Serial Knitters in Kirkland, Washington. Serial Knitters has in the neighborhood of 30 colors in sweater quantities, the last I checked. It is knitting up with predictable speed and I'm loving the excellent contrasts between layers of color. I can absolutely believe next week is American Thanksgiving - my mother, my elder son and I have birthdays in the thick of all this holiday stuff, so I always know it's that time of year. I plan on doing a Black Friday sale, unlike years past where I've done a Black Friday Early sale. I would also like to have one more shop update before the sale, but no promises there as I have two no, three, make that four big projects to dye, wind and send out before December 15th. Thankfully, 20 kilos are already dyed and await winding and tagging. 47 kilos still need dyeing, and the colors aren't even solidly chosen yet. Eek! When I say I'm workin' my bum off, I mean that in a literal way. Le sigh.

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