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02 Nov '11

Photo Fail

Can you imagine my Etsy site without photos of the yarn? It would be pretty pointless, wouldn't it. Right now, that's the state of affairs while I learn my new camera. My previous Canon, though not a digital SLR, had the features necessary to get decent color and detail shots. My new Canon is virtually identical with additional megapixels, and yet I'm having difficulty get clear photos at the moment. Two whole photo shoots have gone to the recycle bin because they were fuzzy, too dark, or just plain terrible. This means yarn is languishing while I trouble shoot. I'm not a fan of waiting to put up additional skeins of September Get Twisted colors as well as the November Get Twisted new postings. For the last two days, very little has happened for Black Trillium because I've been training for my new job at a not-new-to-me employer. My husband and I have switched roles and I'm now the sole breadwinner while he looks after the kids. The consequence is that I work part time as a cashier at a grocery store that I was also employed at in my mid-20's. I'm finding the comparison between my earlier self and my current self just a little depressing, especially when it comes to memory recall. I'm not old, but I definitely feel older being a cashier again. I have not pictures to show, of course, but my cashmere/silk/merino sweater is going really well. I'm about 6 rows away from binding off the bottom edge, and instead of starting the arms right away I might put on the applied I-cord edging. I'm a sleeve procrastinator, and proudly so. Dyeing work calls tonight, a creative respite from all the produce codes I crammed today. Bananas (657), Fuji apples (6229), bulk carrots (604), and green onions (605) will be haunting me in my sleep.

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