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28 Oct '11

Third Place Is First-Rate

With the laundry piling up to be folded and a mountain of yarn to reskein, I was having difficulty envisioning myself going to things like Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's book tour stop tonight at Third Place Books. Don't get me wrong, every time she's in town I want to go. But this time I'm definitely being good and staying home to get work done. Psych. Luh-uv the yarn bombed mic stand, love even more that the Third Place bloke announcing asked who did it. At the last minute, I asked pretty please to hubby Joe if I could drag the whole fam up to Third Place. It's the kind of bookstore where the kids can play or explore the giant chess set (or look at the amazing selection of new & used children's books) while the reading is going on. While we waited for my group's turn to get books signed afterward, we sat and ate a decent dinner at the Japanese place. I love Powell's back home, but they just can't beat Third Place for a full-on family outing. Standing in line with a load of knitters is a practice in patience for someone as nosy as me. I want to ask everyone what they're making or what pattern it is they're wearing, but nearly all of them are smarter than me and come with other knitters so they have folks to chat with. This time, I brought elder son for entertainment. We played around with making funny faces and taking photos while we queued. As usual, Mr. J is an excellent companion. Stephanie is one of those people that no matter how many times I talk to her, I still get nervous. It isn't her fault at all, she's constantly nice and very normal. In fact, I think my proof of her being a committedly nice person was the time I accosted her at Sock Summit the first, and she had the look of someone going out of their gourd with busy, and she was still perfectly civil. I keep thinking the awe factor will wear off, but not yet apparently. I brought yarn for her, and another knitter brought her a skein of my yarn, and when she asked questions about my color naming, I fumbled all over the place. She asked about Bumblebee, and I couldn't explain properly that the two dyes that go into the dyepot are yellow and black. It took me five years to even work up the courage, but I did ask to have my picture taken with her. I've been working away at my sock yarn sweater. The stripes make a great measurement of progress, and a fun interruption to look forward to during the ten boring Stockinette rows in purple. I have eight 12-row striping repeats finished and I think I only need eleven before I do the bottom garter hem and then cast off. I'm pretending that the sleeves will be as fun and easy as the body - let's see where I really am in four months. I really like this testing skein of red-brown. I'm contemplating naming is Roan and putting on Spring's color list. In fact, I have several colors already in mind for Spring testing, even though winter is really just about to get started up here on the mountain. Speaking of winter, if the proposed state spending cuts get approved Washington State schools may lose their school bus funding entirely. I cannot imagine school without buses, and I keep thinking I'm reading it wrong. But then, our old district in Oregon lost their librarians last year, so maybe I'm not.

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