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24 Oct '11

Sweet Treats

Imagine how good this box smelled when I opened it a couple days ago: That is sixteen pounds of chocolate truffles, and it beats out fresh pickled sheep any day. I've been intending to do a tasty treat in my Etsy orders for more than a year, and it took all this time to find exactly what I wanted at the right time of year. There are several possible flavors in your future, but for this holiday season everyone will be getting Seattle Chocolate's Candy Cane Truffles every time they purchase something from my Etsy shop. Sadly, I'll only be able to send out treats with US orders, as many country's customs regulations include destroying a whole package when something like this comes with it, and it just isn't worth the risk of have lovely, squishy yarn permanently toasted. Another little treat, a preview of Wil, Astrid, and Kat, November's Get Twisted colors. These will be the final installment of the Get Twisted line. Though I'm sure there will be plenty of fantastic Twistedistas in the future, I'm going to take a break from developing colors for individuals. My own personal sweeties, my sons, are growing at such a rate as to boggle the mind. I know on a theoretical level that children are supposed to do this, but the actual practice makes me dizzy. Son the elder lost his third tooth tonight:

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