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18 Oct '11

Supernova, With Yarn

With the universe expanding at an ever-increasing rate, sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to hold it all together here on the home front. Yesterday, a literal mountain of yarn arrived, and this morning came the shipping receipt for some new equipment that will speed up the production process on the before and after of yarn dyeing. Yesterday, I also received an email from my new outside-the-house boss about when I should start. Its a long story, but the short is that I'm taking even larger orders from wholesale customers while cutting my dyeing days in half. Not to worry, hubby's availability is pretty open and he'll be my winding guy from now on. The long of it is that my husband was laid off a month before our youngest was born. Since youngest is now 17 months, and unemployment only lasts 18 months, you can do that math on our financial situation. I'm flying solo on keeping us in food, heat and car payments. This is a no-whining zone, but I reserve the right to be very tired.

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