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14 Oct '11

Cashmere Jewels

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but I'm sincerely pluralistic about the yarns I like to dye. I'm perfectly happy to have eight or ten different sock yarns alone, and let's not count how many lace and heavier yarns I've tested and dyed. Lately, shops have been asking me to overdye things for them, often yarns I can't readily get my hands on or that I wouldn't have thought to dye on my own. In thematically appropriate fashion, my first two big overdyeing jobs have been with 100% cashmere yarns. yes, it is as squishy and luscious as it looks The first to dry (and the easiest by far to dye, the other job was covering not-so-brilliant colors) is the cashmere lace. I was instructed to go for deep, jewel tones with the warning that the colors may turn out a bit "faded". There's nothing quite as stimulating as a good creative challenge. The first two colors were a bit duller than I'd hoped, but then I tried some layered reds and my classic Indigo colorway and hit on the right combination of acidity and heat. I finished off eight very interesting saturated colors, including Butterbeer, another long-time sock yarn favorite. The thing I'm loving as much as the soft sweetness of the yarn is the way the fiber shadows and layers without much effort. Cashmere may not like water, but it loves dye. I'm delivering the lace at the beginning of next week, and picking up my next overdyeing job at the same time. More lace, this time Yak. I have no idea what color the yarn starts out or how Yak takes dye, so I'm in for another interesting learning experience. There are lots of other top secret projects in the works - Christmas fun, a special line for a brick and mortar store, some sparkly yarn for another brick and mortar, and some patterns that are in the hands of testers - so I'll be posting about those as I'm free to share. I have one quick addendum to yesterday's post: the new SW Merino/Cashmere/Nylon base is called Infinity. I've just added it to the Ravelry database if you're interested in finding out more about the yarn's put-up.

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