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07 Oct '11

Rain Dark

RAIN FOREST IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST I'm having the kind of week where I sit down with my morning tea after getting the eldest miscreant on the school bus, and while I'm waiting for the sun to come up half the morning flies by. We live in the exact spot where the Cascade Mountains squeeze all the moisture out of clouds before sending them over to Eastern WA, so to say its dark here in the winter is like saying Hawai'i is gets some sun. The clouds - yes clouds, not fog - sit in our front yard when the cloud ceiling is feeling low. All this to explain why at 9:00 am I feel like it's still 5:30. I don't like it much and I find myself yearning for the Daylight savings switch that is still a month off. I'm off to deliver yarn to a new customer, and pick up my new carry-all knitting/diaper/purse bag. I'm looking forward to the weekend and going to spinning class on Sunday - it's my new Zen time. I have this awesome teacher that completely gets my OCD. We have a fantastic time and I learn a million things every time I sit down with her. Have a lovely weekend, all, and don't forget to knit a little every day!

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