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04 Oct '11

Secretary Time

Posted by 69943844 in Black Trillium, details, Life
I'm pretty good at keeping track of details, or at least I used to think I was. Today, I received an email from one of my favorite of my wholesale customers. I'm pretty informal with my ordering expectations, so sometimes I get PO's from folks, sometimes I just get an email or phone call saying "I need blah-de-blah of such-and-such, when can you send it to me?". I'm a small indie dyer so I wear every hat a small business person would need to wear, which means I don't have much use for formality and time wasting. Back to said email - this one contained a PO and a question. I go off down the road of answering the question and slating this new PO into my dyeing schedule. I check my undyed stock, I give a little extra information on what's coming up in terms of new stuff, and I attach an invoice so everyone is prepared. I'm signing off, and it suddenly occurs to me that there are a couple little clues I've ignored and this might not be a new order, but a question about an old one. So, I do a little research. Sure enough! I put all this work into getting schedules and stock sorted, invoices and emails written, and all for an order that had already been filled. Boo. Not that in the time that I'm writing the email was I able to focus on just writing the email. I'm also Mum, so I was decompressing from taking my 16 month old son to have a blood draw to re-check his possibly-too-high lead levels. I was also wondering what my non-eater 7 year old son would be willing to consume for dinner, and if his father had managed to get him to start his homework. Oh yeah, and what in the world am I going to eat for dinner on this the night before grocery shopping day? Then the business re-intrudes... might I manage to wind a few skeins of that order I'm delivering on Thursday? And so on... All this to say that this mom needs a nanny ... for herself. Or a personal secretary*. * Before you go all sideways about the secretary thing not being "verbally politic", I used to be one so I feel very comfortable referring to good helpers in that vein. Everyone needs good helpers.

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