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27 Sep '11

Sample Knitters Needed

I’m looking for the following in my sample & test knitters: - Knitting to a deadline (don’t worry, we’ll set these goals together) - Produce hand-knits finished according to pattern specifications - Professional looking finished knits suitable for displaying at shows and high-fashion pattern publications I am currently revamping my pattern format to work with MagCloud’s services, so I’m also taking the time to re-knit and tech edit all my previous patterns. That means I have 10 to 15 handknits, mostly socks and shawls, I need finished using my yarns to photograph for the new pattern formatting. Additionally, I would like to have samples knit from patterns by other designers, though I will be securing permission from the designers I have in mind before sending out projects to knitters. In the future I may also need your help testing and sample knitting for new patterns. Compensation for your time is currently in the form of Black Trillium Fibres yarns. The amount of compensation depends on the amount of time required to finish a project, of course. If all of this sounds like something you’re okay with, please send me an email and we'll talk further.

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