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23 Sep '11

September Influx

This past summer was the busiest Black Trillium Fibre Studio has ever been, with the Seattle LYS Tour, Sock Summit, trunk shows, and Northwest Needle Market. Meeting an incredible number of fabulous people and getting to make contact with some very awesome store owners made it all worth while, but I'm ready for a little breather and some fall knitting! Tomorrow will be the first of several large updates to the Etsy shop. It will go live between 10 and 11 am (its already listed, I just have to click "go") and will have 49 new listings. You'll find a lot more Lilt Sock, in part because of a mis-shipment by my supplier that left me hip-deep in undyed Merino & Silk. There will also be new rovings, including my personal favorite, mixed BFL that's 25% black & 75% ecru. About 10 colors of Merilon Sock will also be going up. So, what's to come? The next update, which should be ready in another week, will have lots more Pebble Sock, Trinity Sock & BFL Sock, as well as 2 new yarn bases. The first is superwash Merino/Cashmere/Silk, and its super luscious, as you can imagine. I haven't picked an official name for it yet and entered it into the Ravelry database, and I'm always open to naming suggestions. The second is called Loft, and is 80/20 superwash Blue Faced Leicester and nylon. I love it, but I'm a serious sucker for BFL. Down the road will be another new base yarn that is 90% superwash Merino and ... get this ... 10% bison down. I was beyond intrigued by the idea of bison sock yarn, so of course I was hooked immediately. Again, naming suggestions welcome. There are also 2 new clubs in the works, one fiber and one yarn. For those of you who crochet, you really should check out KRW Knitwears crocheted sock patterns! This year's club was way fun, and in a few months I'll have some lovely colors to share with you from that. We're gearing up for 2012 already, and we're adding another dyer as well as a couple designers. I can't share all the details just yet, but I can tell you it will be fun! The other club I'll be doing through the Black Trillium Etsy shop - a fiber club. I know, finally, right? This one has a special twist, if you'll pardon my pun. I'm calling it the 2-ply club, and it will be all about fun colors and gorgeous fibers. Stay tuned for more links and information on both clubs. I've been working hard on a few new patterns, although I've been highly remiss in posting about them. My web guy (hubby i.r.l.) is going to be helping get things loaded here on the main site, but in the meantime you can check out my Ravelry design page to browse. While you're there check out this post about my call for sample & test knitters. I'm going to leave you with a snapshot of my new favorite color, Fire Opal. I can't decide whether I should knit socks with it, or a 2-color shawl. What do you think?

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