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24 May '11

One More Week

The Great Strides walk in Portland was this previous weekend, and our team alone raised over $10K. I think the walk itself raised $204,000 for research into therapies and cures for Cystic Fibrosis. I am continually amazed at the generosity and support everyone lends this noble cause and I'm grateful we get to be a part of a brighter future for patients with CF. Sadly, our family wasn't able to attend the walk in person. Our eldest son came down with some sniffles and coughing the day before we meant to leave, and in a show of consistency that always amazes me, his fever showed up a few hours later. Having a simple childhood illness like a cold or flu on the same weekend that we're supposed to be walking with CF patients was a crisp reminder that Ella can't just get the flu and get over it. The congestion that might wake my son up a couple times in a night but be over in three or four days would be a much larger and possibly life-threatening issue for our sweet little friend. Before I go on, I have to say thank you to Kathleen, Kate, Jennifer, Shannon, Rebekah, Lorajean, Taiga, Jeanie, Steffanie, Sarah, Katherine, Emily, Jenna, Laura, Cath, Josie, Marie, Tamara, Heather, Taryn, Doris, Julie, Alice, Gale, and Kristine. Your donations are amazing and helpful and we are immensely grateful to you for supporting the search for a cure for CF. That's 25 fantastic donors! Let me do a little illustrative math: 25 donors, 21 prizes, and we're $55 from our goal of $500. What if we continue the contest for another week, say the last day of May? I bet with one last push we could reach that goal, and I could announce winners on June 1st. I think that sounds like a great plan. Just a little bit more waiting, then, for you awesome folks who've already contributed.

So, donate at least $5 HERE.

To see photos of the prizes, see here.

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