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14 Jan '11

Get Twisted - Alex & Star

Posted by 69943844 in Black Trillium, Yarn
Twisted in Portland, Oregon, was my very first wholesale customer. I remember being terrified as I sat down with Shannon and showed her my yarns, and of course she was enthusiastic and sweet just like Shannon always is! That day in September 2008 was huge for me, personally and as Black Trillium. Go back even further to the month Twisted opened, and you'll find either Emily or Shannon minding the store, and only them. As entrepreneurs, they've laid a solid groundwork for a highly successful brick and mortar store that is supportive of its local community of dyers and designers. Just take a minute to read the interview they did back in October of 2010 to hear just how much of themselves they've put into Twisted. Now it's three years on and Twisted is packed to the gills with gorgeous yarn and super-sweet knitting divas. In honor of these fabulous women who have been so good to me and have been a pure pleasure to work with professionally, I want to present "Get Twisted: A Color Adventure". Starting January 15th, every other month I will be releasing two new colorways designed in cooperation with a Twisted-ista. This month, Star & and (the sadly relocated!) Alex debut: [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="960" caption="Star in Pebble Sock"][/caption] [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="960" caption="Alex in Pebble Sock"][/caption] Each color will also be delivered to Twisted around the first of the month following my release date in Merilon, Pebble & BFL sock yarns. Be sure to check back here in March for "Alma" and "Hazel", then next two in the series.

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