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13 Jun '16

Gradient Yarn: Vinca

One of the things I love is when smart publications like Twist Collective come knocking.  Kate always seems to have a clear picture of where each issue is going and a vision for appropriate yarns and colors.  Because of their payment structure, the talent behind and originality of each pattern is always top-notch.  Today's Monday Gradient Yarn Ideas post is about Vinca, by Carol Feller, from Twist's Winter 2015 issue.

photos courtesy Twist Collective & Crissy Jarvis

Carol's pattern calls for one Lilt Gradient and one skein of Lilt Sock, shown here in Periwinkle and Natural.  The shawl begins at the top with a Garter Tab cast on, always a nice skill to practice if you're a shawl knitter, and continues for while in the Natural.  Here's a great piece about the construction of this shawl: once you start with your first gradient shade, you already have enough stitches on the needles that as you transition through the rest of the shades you won't have a spectacular amount of your first two shades but not the other three left over.  Beginning the shawl in Natural equalizes across all the shades what you'll use in terms of yardage.

The beauty of a design like this is it's wearablilty.  You can choose neutral that will go will all your fall, winter and spring jackets and coats - or you can go bright to add a pop of color.  I love playing with our more subtle gradient colors and adding crazy bright or variegated regular colors, too.  I can see this shawl knit with a Zinc gradient and edged in Lightning Bug or Marcia.

That's it for another gradient yarn pattern suggestion.  We hope you've been enjoying our brief and picture heavy posts!  You can read the whole series here.  Have another great week!

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