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06 Jun '16

Gradient Yarn: Vanishing Point

Hello, and welcome another gradient yarn idea post from Black Trillium Fibres!  This week, we're highlighting another sock pattern that makes excellent use of the color transitions of our gradient yarns.

Vanishing Point photos courtesy Interweave

If you're familiar with Jeny Staiman's work, then you know how wonderfully creative she is when it comes to directionality.  Wraptor and Double Helix (both first appeared for free on Knitty) and are ground-breaking in their knitting technique.  Vanishing Point is another fabulous way to come at socks if you're an experienced sock knitter, and the bonus is the pattern calls for our Lilt Sock Gradient!

Jeny's sample is shown in a Scotch Gradient, one of our very favorite original colors.  Personally,  I could knit everything in this color, and it's very close relative, Butterbeer.  Vanishing Point would be one of those patterns that when knit with a gradient yarn, you have enough left over for a second project.  If you knit these socks, keep your leftovers all balled up and come back to our blogs posts because I'm sure you'll be able to find another great thing to make!

Thanks so much for checking out another Monday Gradient Yarn Ideas post, and have a great week!

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