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25 Apr '16

Gradient Yarn: Willow Cowl

After a much longer break from blogging than anticipated, we’re finally back with the reignition our weekly series, Monday Gradient Yarn Ideas.  This week we’d like to show you our version of the Willow Cowl by Amelia Lyon.  This formerly free pattern is available via Ravelry, and is a great way to get started with your Pebble Sock or Lilt Sock Gradient Yarns.

Willow Cowl in Mint

The design is originally meant to make use of a single 100g skein of sock yarn, but we have some notes on how you can knit the pattern with gradient yarn.  Beginning with the lightest or the darkest shade of your gradient and the pattern's suggested needles, work as directed until the end of the first lace section.  Change colors to your next shade, and continue working until the end of the 2dn lace section.  Continue in this fashion, changing shades after each lace section until you've worked 5 lace sections.  Finish the pattern using the 5th gradient yarn shade - this is the top of the cowl.

We chose a Pebble Sock Gradient Yarn in Mint for our sample, and we think it makes a lovely, squishy-soft easy-to-wear piece in just about any color.  The pattern would also be suitable knit out of a Lilt Sock Gradient and will produce a slightly looser fabric on the pattern's suggested needle.  When you use either gradient kit, you'll have some yardage left over, so don't feel like you need to knit all the way to the end of each shade.

We hope you've enjoyed another post in our series.  You can check out our Pinterest boards for color ideas, previous posts, and many other patterns knit with our regular and gradient yarns.

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