Gradient Restock Run-down

The gradient yarns sort of ran out all at once about a month and a half ago, and though I didn’t see it coming I’m certainly not going to complain. Many of you have been asking when things will be coming back, especially the Pebble Sock Gradients. Today, I feel confident in saying that over the next three or four weeks the biggest project we’ll be tending to in the Black Trillium studio will be the dyeing and winding of Pebble Sock Gradient Yarns. (Well, dyeing, winding, twisting, bagging & tagging, but who’s counting steps.) 7 boxes [gigantic] of Pebble Sock were delivered today after running the gamut through international shipping and clearing customs.

Right now, you can get quite a few Lilt Gradient Yarns. I know they’re a little different than the Pebble Sock Gradient Yarns, but only in ways that are for the better. The added silk and additional plies in Lilt Sock make a really smooth, drapey handknit. Also, Lilt has more yardage than Pebble, so you get more mileage out of a single package of gradient yarn.

If, down the road, you have a question about particular colors and when they’ll be restocked, keep these things in mind:

  • My main shop announcement page will have current information about what colors are dyed and when they will become available.  You have to click “read more” right there at the top of my Etsy shop, under my logo.
  • All of my gradient colors are repeatable.  I craft them to be so, and I test the formulas before dyeing a gradient so we won’t have to worry about lots of extra photography when it’s time to restock the colors.  If you’d care to browse all the colors at once, check out my Pinterest Gradient Yarn page.

Coming July 18 or 19: Lilt Sock Gradient Yarn in Trifle, Kir, Bubblegum and Vapor.

Coming July 21: Pebble Sock Gradient Yarn in Grasshopper, and getting started on the turquoise/teal colors (Tidewater, Xenon, Naiad, Ice).

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