Goloring Progress

I’ve been using Instagram, experimenting with filters and such, to document my Goloring progress:

Here’s today’s progress shot, without any filters:

I have a feeling I’m going to have to wear this “sample” all over the place when it’s finished. I did a few mods, and because the pattern is so clearly written the mods were very simple. First, I cast on two fewer repeats’ worth of stitches. (Love the two-color cast on, totally fabulous for casting on a million stitches.) Second, I changed the way the decreases were distributed in order to accommodate the extra yardage I created by casting on fewer stitches. I’m planning to knit right to the end of all five colors, so my shawl will have much longer braids on the inside.

Yarn: Shire Gradient Yarn
Pattern: Goloring by MK Nance
Discussion thread: On Ravelry

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