Gradient Yarn Kits: They Look Fun, But What Do I Knit?

When I started dyeing gradient yarn kits in early 2013, I was trying to preserve the value of a project I’d put an enormous amount of work into only to have it cut off as the yarn line had begun to get popular. I learned a pretty hard lesson about the magical balance of collaboration, but I was left with something that had a lot of potential. Gradient Yarn Kits were developed from a creative impetus that was already moving forward at a fast clip, all I needed was to add a little math to get what I wanted out of the ever-darkening shades.

Today, we’re in a place where designers are taking a focused look at gradients, and what is possible when using them. Kirsten Kapur‘s new Mystery Shawl KAL is the most recent design to use a Pebble Sock Gradient Yarn Kit. The design is still under wraps, but I have a feeling the use of color changes in the gradient kit will be put to good use.

Getting the gradients out there has meant working with designers to do a few exclusive KAL’s of my own as well. Goloring met with all sorts of positive attention at Vogue Knitting Live this last March, and has sold out twice in my own Etsy shop. I’ve been posting progress pictures of mine on Instagram and Twitter. You can see how others’ have knit up in our Ravelry chat thread. Here’s one of mine in Shire:

Some other very fun patterns for Gradient Yarns can be found on Ravelry. If you’re wondering what to do with a kit you recently ordered, try Spectral or Traliccio by Debbi Stone, Fiar by Irish Girlie Knits, Migee by AMBAH. I’ve made a list in Ravelry of patterns I think work or would be easily converted, seen here. My list is just the barest start, so feel free to add your ideas to our thread.

Of course, keeping all the gradient colors in stock is my ultimate goal. The busier times, like VKL and Black Sheep Gathering, will mean fewer colors in stock at once. Feel free to drop me a line via email or Etsy convo if you’re looking for a specific color and I can give you an ETA. This week, I’ll be bringing back a small quantity each of Ice, Tidewater, Fern, Vapor, Crater, Lavender, Jam, Trifle, Naiad, Garnet, Bitter, Orchid and Flutter. Coral and Denim will be sold out for a while, unfortunately. As the yarn supply runs, I’ve had a busy few months and so has the mill, so I’m expecting Lilt Sock to come back mid-June and Pebble Sock to come back mid-July.


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