Can’t Knit? Blasphemy!

First, a nice cheery photo of the booth just before opening at Vogue Seattle 2014:

We had a great show, as the gradients were as popular as I thought they’d be. We brought all forty-two colors to the show and only took home about a quarter of that. I’ve been slowing working on dyeing and restocking the shop, but life has proven to have other plans for me.

My children are both healthy once again, but my turn rolled around to get sick as they started to heal. I dutifully rested and waited out my fever, watching lots of shows, drinking tea and barely knitting a stitch. As soon as I could stand up without being too dizzy I got back to work testing new colors for a couple local shops and getting gradient orders out the door. With lots of hand washing in between, of course. The saddest part was that I still didn’t feel like knitting even though my fever seemed abated. A couple of days ago, though, the fever came back with a smashing case of vertigo. I’m so disgusted, but I think I have an inkling why.

Getting ready for fiber shows is a lot of work. There’s nothing bad about getting ready to hang out with lots of knitters and see what wonderful things they intend to do with your yarn. A drawback to juggling family and a fiber business is that sleep comes in a distant third. Add to that the show itself and sleeping in a hotel, coming home to sick kiddos, spending three nights in the hospital, more sick kiddos after the hospital, then living through another two weeks of dormis interuptus due to your partner’s snoring and your own bodily frailty, and you have a recipe for a sub-par immune system.

I’m writing this from bed, trying to ignore the fact that groceries need shopped for, yarn needs dyed and reskeined and the dog needs walkies. I can barely stand because the dizziness is worse today than ever. But at least after bed rest yesterday I had a great night’s sleep. I’m not one to take much for granted, especially my health but also good customer service. This has been a month’s worth of very poor circumstances.

I still don’t feel much like knitting, but I’m hoping to soon because the Goloring KAL has started and I’m really excited to get going on mine in Shire. Kits are still available from my shop for pre-order.

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