Time on the Fly

If you visited my shop from March 19th to 22nd, you saw another “on vacation” notice rather than the sale I had intended. My apologies if you missed something you really wanted!

After my return from VKL, I switched hats from dyer to mom lightening quick because both my boys were coming down with something. The doc diagnosed both of them on Monday with Hand, Foot and Mouth – and apparently a new strain so it affected my older son quite a lot more than the younger. By Wednesday, my older son’s eye had swelled shut and was painful, so we went back to the doctor. From the doctor, we had the dubious pleasure of checking directly into the hospital where we spent several days getting cozy with IV anitbiotics.

Everyone is home again and getting much healthier, but in my sleep deprived state (between the show and hospital sleeping arrangements, there’s no rest for the wicked and weary) I didn’t achieve the organizational state I had hoped after VKL. Today, I hope to be addressing the last of my return emails and getting Goloring Preorders dyed up. I dyed a few kits before the show, including Vapor, so as soon as the patterns are in stock again from the printer those will go out. Feel free to choose whatever color you wish, though.

As a side note, we’ve spent several uncomfortable but grateful visits at our preferred hospital over the years, and I’ve always been relieved when we were insured. Having been through one painful emergency room admittance without the benefit of insurance, I can honestly say that I would never want a repeat performance with my child in the hospital bed. Being the mom means you don’t care two figs what the out-of-pocket is as long as your baby gets better. I wouldn’t want anyone to worry more about the cost of a scan than the overall health of their family. I think the ACA* has great potential and I’m a bit disgusted with young people who don’t get the cooperative cost structure that already existed pre-ACA in the insurance corporate community. The well have always paid for the sick, just as currently working folks are the ones paying Social Security to retirees. I’m extremely disgusted with corporations that have chosen to pay the penalty rather than insure their employees, but we’re already choosy where we shop and how we spend our portion of the pie. But my disgust with corporate anything predates the ACA, so I have to admit bias.

Sorry for the digression from fiber. I should have a VKL wrap-up with photos in the next week, as well as an introduction for my Goloring work-in-progress around the 1st of April.


*it isn’t Obamacare, folks, the President isn’t going to show up at your front door with a stethoscope

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