The Way The Whimsy Works

Okay, now that I’ve introduced you to the Whimsical Solids I think I need to give more details about how these colors are going to work.

Right now, there are 12 different colors in the Whimsical Solid series. For each color, there are three shades:

In this case, Wisteria light, medium and dark. Also known as Wisteria 1, Wisteria 2, and Wisteria 3. In a rather obvious breakdown: Wisteria is the color name and the numbers denote which shade.

As an expansion of my gradient kits, these watercolor-like semi-solids allow you to put together your own color combinations in the shades and yardage you need for your project. Let’s use an adult sized cardigan as an example. Say I wanted to knit a top-down, short-sleeved cardi in Truffle and I wanted there to be three equally-sized blocks of color starting with the lightest shade at the cast-on. But say I want the button band, knit on after the body of the project is finished, to be all the darkest shade. I would need different yardage per shade, depending on which base yarn I’m using.

Here’s another idea that the Whimsical Solids are perfect for: what if you want to knit a project in two different weights of yarn, but you want them to be the same color? Aside from different content (some silk versus all merino), dyeing the different weights together for a project of one shade and color would yield much closers results than choosing different dye batches in the same shade but different base yarns.

I thought I’d be putting up the Whimsical Solids after I got through Vogue Knitting Live, playing by ear according to what does well at my upcoming shows. Silly me! I already have numerous requests for both the new base yarn (Sublime, DK weight) and the new Whimsy colors. I’m working on making all of it available right now through my Etsy shop, dyed-to-order so you can get exactly what you need in the yarn you want.

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